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Our specialities

What's cooking ?

The Chef Raul Da Nora is proud to serve you typical homemade portuguese dishes.

Here's a sample of his favourite dishes :

  • Grilled chicken: Portuguese style chicken is first marinated, then braised and seasoned with laurel, hot spices and garlic.
  • Cod fish: From our Chef experience and skills is born a special cod fish recipe. For those who seek new flavours !
  • Alentejana: A speciality of the Alentejo region. Marinated pork fillets, clams and sautéed potatoes, with a white wine sauce.
  • Chorizo: traditional cold cuts from Tràs-os-Montres region.
  • Caldo Verde: Renowned cabbage soup, with mashed potatoes, chorizo and olive oil.
  • Pasteis de Nata: Also known as "Pastéis de Belem", delicious small puddings from Belèm Hieronymus monastery.

Brasa Gourmet's kitchen is in sight from the restaurant room so you can see the preparation of your meal !